Nike+ – Apple y Nike

10 diciembre 2008 a las 6:39 PM | Publicado en Apple & Nike, Imagen de marca, RGA, Unclassified | Deja un comentario

Nike+ was born as a multi-channel, multi-sensory marriage of Apple and Nike technologies. We were brought in on the ground floor to create the product’s Web experience, and the entire data spec for how Nike running shoes speak to Apple iPod® nanos which sync with iTunes in turn sending your personal workout data to the Web.

The toughest creative challenge was establishing and maintaining a sense of simplicity. With a seemingly complex product, we had to create an immediately resonant experience for a broad target market, from geeked-out marathoners to everyday fitness joggers. We had to start with Nike+ music and workout data and open up a world of motivation, competition, connection, and fun—all through the online experience at Through the combined efforts of our world-class technical and creative talent, we built a robust platform of virtual racing, progress tracking, motivational goals and stories, and global community comparison tools, which take the Nike+ product experience far beyond just a shoe or an iPod. We conceived and executed the visual, architectural, tonal and programmatic standards that defined what Nike+ is…and will become.

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