Gorilla – Cadbury

10 diciembre 2008 a las 6:05 PM | Publicado en Alimentación, Cadbury, Fallon, Imagen de marca | Deja un comentario

The need to create stronger brand recognition and recall in a sales declining scenario.

The big idea was mostly based on its execution: the joy you feel when eating a chocolate bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk is like the joy of a Gorilla while feeling the music.

A creative video using a classic song to associate with viewers, and simply using a Gorilla playing the drums in time with the music. Creating a sense of bliss or happiness. Finishing the ad with the slogan ‘A glass and a half full of joy’. Colour – Colour in advertisements is used widely to create emotion, purple is used in the Cadbury ads to spark brand association with emotions such as passion, excitement and romance.

Results proved positive, through the use of viral marketing many other songs have been played over the same Cadbury commercial and shared with friends across media sharing sites such as Youtube. This ad has broken the boundary’s of a simple advertisement and moved into entertainment. A monkey playing the drums isn’t really an original idea, but the way the ad was made has created a far more entertaining minute of marketing. Notice that each clip still finishes showing the Cadbury brand. Resulting buzz included more than 100,000 separate blog and messageboard posts and millions of online views of the video on YouTube and elsewhere.

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